Why raise on FrontFundr?

FrontFundr is a technology driven platform that enhances your existing fundraising efforts. For your application to qualify for our platform you must meet certain criteria related to existing lead investment, community size, industry, and product/service types which ensure your company, service or offering is well suited for the FrontFundr experience. For the companies we offer a host of benefits:

The ultimate brand champions
Companies have built strong revenue growth from incredible customer referrals. Powerful word of mouth is a force to be reckoned with for premium products and stellar customer service. It's one thing to have advocates of your business as a result of enjoying your product. It's a completely different experience to have customers who own a share in your company. Turbocharge brand champions by having your customers benefit financially from referring their friends. 

New sources of capital
Crowdfunding and retail investment will likely never replace traditional funding sources, however it is a powerful ally to lead investment through venture capital, venture debt, and revenue debt. Fill out a round or prove extreme product market fit and traction by soliciting investment from the very users or customers your sell to. Our platform adds another quiver to your stack of capital sources.

Access to our advisory and partner networks
Our advisory and partner networks include complimentary experience and expertise from industry leaders across the Canadian technology, startup, and business ecosystems. We also offer extremely competitive discounts and offers to programs, software and products which your team needs to run the business. Our team and our networks are at your disposal before, during, and after your raise to ensure you have everything you need to execute.

Decades of fundraising expertise
Our internal team are experts in fundraising. You instantly gain access to our fundraising playbook built on hundreds of campaigns, hundreds of millions of dollars raised and decades of multi-faceted financial experience. We are at your disposal to build and execute the ultimate capital raise. 

Instant exposure
With over 10,000 investors, 30,000 users, and 100,000+ people in reach through our various distribution and public relations, your fundraise will get instant exposure in the Canadian technology and finance sectors across the country. Leverage this instant exposure to capture capital investment, but also to gain new customers.