Du financement à la renommée

Démocratiser les marchés privés, une conversation à la fois
Episode 33
December 12, 2023
Mark Convery, Co-Founder of CoCo Vodka
Investing in the Original Hard Coconut Water
In this episode, we chat with Mark as he discusses the creation of 'The Original Hard Coconut Water" and shares insights into the journey of CoCo.
Episode 32
December 5, 2023
Michael Bidu, Founder and CEO of MYND Therapeutics
Investing in Science-Based, Clinically Proven Digital Therapy
In this episode, we chat with Michael as he discusses the ever-evolving landscape of health, what digital therapy really means and how it works with the current healthcare system, and insight into the life of an entrepreneur.
Episode 31
November 28, 2023
Susan Blanchet, CEO of Origen Air
Investing in Better Air
In this episode, we chat with Susan as she discusses the groundbreaking innovations in air purification technology that have propelled Origen Air to become a global leader since its launch in 2019.
Episode 30
November 21, 2023
Brian Smith, Founder and CEO of Persephone Brewing
Investing in a Brewing as a Force of Good
In this episode, we chat with Brian as he discusses the connection between agriculture and brewing, the power of community, and what makes Persephone unique.
Episode 29
November 14, 2023
Dany Papineau, Founder and CEO of WeChalet
Investing in Nature-Based Travel
In this episode, we chat with Dany as he discusses his diverse path from acting to writing to eventually founding the company, the issues that exist currently in the rental market, and how marketing can be one of the most underrated drivers of success.
Episode 28
October 26, 2023
Kate Grant, Business Advisor & Will Shaw, Partner at Fasken
The Law Firm Built for Startups
In this episode, we chat with Kate and Will as they discuss startup culture, how Fasken has stayed ahead of major industry changes, and how they work with entrepreneurs who are seeking funding.
Episode 27
October 12, 2023
Brody Hanson, CEO & Founder of Work Water
Investing in a Journey to Healthier Energy
In this episode, we chat with Brody as he discusses the 'aha' moment that sparked creating change in energy drink consumption, the challenges traditional energy drinks pose to health, and how significant partnerships have been a part of the growth plan.
Episode 26
October 5, 2023
Andrew Bowen, CEO of SmartCoccoon
Investing in Intelligent Room-by-Room Temperature Control
In this episode, we chat with Andrew as he discusses the deeply-rooted problem of uneven heating systems, how proprietary AI technology works to cut costs, and the opportunities in the industry for growth.
Episode 25
September 26, 2023
Dr. Ahmad Glover, President, Founder, CEO & Inventor of WiGL
Investing in the Future of Wireless Power for IoT
In this episode, we chat with Dr. Glover as he discusses the inspiration behind his technology, its potential to revolutionize various industries, and its role in the expanding Internet of Things landscape.
Episode 24
September 21, 2023
Louis-Xavier Savard, President of Le Groupe Financier Signature
Investing in Financial Strategies
In this episode, we chat with Louis-Xavier as he discusses the pivotal moment that inspired the financial services firm, the fragmentation and evolving nature of the market, and the leadership philosophy and the values that drive the team.