Democratizing the private markets

We want to ensure everyone has a chance to invest in world changing ideas
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We're building an amazing investor ecosystem that's democratizing private markets for everyone in Canada.
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FrontFundr is Canada’s leading online private markets investing platform and an exempt market dealer. We provide startups and growth companies with access to capital that helps them grow, to help Canadian entrepreneurs turn their groundbreaking ideas into reality.

We also provide investors with the opportunity to invest in these companies. Our online platform allows all Canadians—seasoned financial professionals or someone making their first-ever investment alike—to support the ideas and initiatives they want to see succeed. To date we've built up a community of over 34,000 users, run 100+ successful funding campaigns, and helped businesses raise more than $120 million. And we’ve got a whole lot more planned too!

Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers them to do their best work.
Peter-Paul Van Hoeken
Founder & CEO
Will Tang
Chief Revenue Officer
Anthony Couture
Chief Compliance Officer
Jamie McNally
Director, Ventures
Scott Bodnarek
Head of Product
Trieste Reading
Director, Campaign Strategy
Alex Hrynkiewicz
Head of Marketing

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