Why invest in private markets?

Previously limited to the wealthy few and venture capitalists, private market investing is a unique avenue to grow your wealth. The investment asset class presents the opportunity to invest in a company at its earliest stages, meaning you have the chance for a bigger return. The financial opportunity is just one of many reasons why you should consider investing in private markets, keep reading to find out more.

Diversify your portfolio
No investment return is guaranteed but the best way to set yourself up for success is by having a diversified portfolio. Yes, you can diversify within public stocks or by investing in real estate, but private market investing offers you a new way to disperse your extra cash.

Invest in what you believe in
Sure, you can invest in companies you think are cool on the stock market, but what about investing in something BEFORE everyone else thinks it's cool? Private markets are filled with up-and-coming companies with big goals and visions and they need investors who also believe in these ideas.

Due to the uber-selective nature of venture capital, this means great ideas get passed on funding all the time. Now, you, as the consumer and investor, have a say in what ideas should get funding—plus, you get a piece of the pie!

Learn more about investing in general
Since private markets don’t require the same financial filings are public markets, you’ll likely be doing more due diligence on your end. This may seem daunting but it actually presents a great opportunity for you to learn more about the inner workings and financials of a company. The lessons you learn from investing in the private market will expand throughout all types of investing.

Potential ROI
When you invest in private markets, you are getting in at a company’s earliest stages. You’re getting shares for the best price possible, so if the time comes when you’re able to sell, you’ll get the biggest return possible. This potential high reward does come with high risks, as you might not be able to sell your shares at all, so make sure you never invest outside of your means.

Call yourself a co-owner
How many people can say they’re invested in a startup? With companies ranging from technology and clean energy to consumer packaged goods and sports clubs, when you invest in private markets you get the chance to say, “Hey, I’m an investor in that!” when you see your investment in the wild.


Invest in what you believe in.

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