Now it’s your turn to be the dragon

With our platform you can invest in the companies you believe in - quick, easy and 100% online!

Why Invest

Until now, the private markets were an almost exclusive domain of high-net-worth individuals and industry insiders. Attractive investment opportunities and companies with exciting growth potential were seldom made available to the general public. Or not, at least, until someone else benefitted from the best returns.

We’re looking to change that.

At FrontFundr, we democratize access to Canada’s private markets, by enabling all Canadians to invest in companies they would like to see succeed. So whether you’re looking to make a financial return, back a company that aligns with your values and you believe in, or perhaps a mixture of the two, our platform allows you to participate in your very own Dragon's Den!


Spread your portfolio across different investments and industries that all have the potential for significant growth.

Impact Investing

Support entrepreneurs who share your values and need your help to challenge the status quo.

The Next Big Thing

Get the inside scoop on exciting opportunities before they go mainstream.

How it works



Pick your investment

Take a look at the companies currently raising money on our platform and assess which one is right for you.


Pledge an amount

When you’re ready and you’ve decided how much you’d like to invest, click Invest Now. You’ll then be prompted to complete your investor profile.


Complete a suitability assessment

Our team of Dealing Representatives will conduct a review of your assessment, as required by Canadian Securities Regulation, to ensure that the investment is suitable for you.


Sign your documents

Once you complete your suitability assessment, you’ll be sent your investment documents via email to review and sign electronically.


Make your payment

The final step in the process is to pay for your investment. You’ll receive instructions on how to do this once you complete step four.

Need more information?

We’ve designed our process to be simple and straightforward—easy for anyone to use. That said, the world of finance can be intimidating and feel inaccessible (especially for beginners). So, for some more information on what FrontFundr is or how it works, check out these additional resources!