FrontFundr and ExpoWorld Announce partnership to Guide Companies from Early-stage Funding to Public Exchange Listing

John Hills
March 1, 2021
1 minute read
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Silver Maple Ventures Inc. (SMV), owner of FrontFundr and DealSquare, and Toronto-based strategic investor ExpoWorld Ltd (ExpoWorld) are partnering to help promising and fast-growing private companies explore the path of going public. Assistance will also involve migration from early funding solutions toward full listing on one of Canada’s public stock exchanges.

ExpoWorld will support interested corporate clients of FrontFundr with solutions to go public, from assessing a potential go-public transaction as a viable corporate finance strategy to planning and execution of sustainable public listing. ExpoWorld founder, John Passalacqua, will also join SMV’s advisory board as capital markets advisor and has made a strategic investment into SMV.

“We are excited to be working together with ExpoWorld”,
says Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, Founder and CEO of SMV, “As more and more companies will be raising capital in the private markets, there will be increasing need for supporting these companies with adequate and suitable corporate finance and liquidity strategies to underpin their growth. ExpoWorld’s expertise in private and public markets and guidance in viable go-public strategies enhances our value proposition to early stage and growth companies, as well as to investors who invest in companies on FrontFundr.”

“The nexus between private and public markets in Canada grows ever stronger. Smooth, well-planned transitions between private and public markets have never been more important for private growth companies,”
says ExpoWorld founder, John Passalacqua. “We are excited to work closely with SMV on welding together the deep plumbing required to bring the best of what Canadian entrepreneurs have to offer to the public markets with a notably well-balanced approach.”

Beyond working together on supporting private companies through their finance lifecycle as they grow their business, ExpoWorld and SMV have also agreed to work together on an innovative solution toward facilitating secondary liquidity for qualified private companies and their investors.

The private markets are growing at an incredible pace. SMV and FrontFundr have opened to the public a whole new channel for investing in private companies and unlocked an entirely new pool of capital to early stage and growth companies (estimated to be around $2.5 billion per year in North America). In 2020, SMV also introduced DealSquare, in partnership with NEO Exchange, as Canada’s first fully digitized and electronic private markets platform for securities dealers, investment advisors and portfolio managers.

This communication is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation to buy any securities.

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John Hills