FrontFundr's 2023 Year in Review

Rea Naidoo
February 15, 2024
2 min
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Our team at FrontFundr is thrilled to unveil our inaugural 2023 Year in Review—a deepdive into the highlights and achievements of this last year. This report not only highlights the remarkable achievements of companies raising capital on FrontFundr but also provides insights into the industry’s evolution.

Our platform has been a driving force for innovation, facilitating companies in raising over $200 million. With a user base exceeding 40,000 investors, we have supported 175 fundraising campaigns since our launch in 2015. These numbers underscore our unwavering commitment to democratizing the private market, making it accessible to all Canadians.

The report delves into updates and exciting movement from portfolio companies, as well as insight in FrontFundr, offering a glimpse into our exciting plans for the near future.

Reflecting on 2023, we analyze the trends that shaped and tested the capital-raising landscape. Despite challenges, we are proud to report 63 successful fundraising campaigns, resulting in a total of over $36.7 million raised from 3,167 investments.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the companies that have trusted us to accompany them on their journey. A special thanks to the many thousands of Canadian investors who have backed the businesses they believe in.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Here's to the year ahead!

Click here to read report.
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Rea Naidoo