From crowdfunding success to listing on the TSX Venture Exchange: HEMPALTA’s trailblazing journey

Rea Naidoo
March 21, 2024
5 min
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In Canada’s AgTech sector, HEMPALTA is on a mission to transform the hemp industry. Their secret ingredient? A blend of innovation, sustainability, and unwavering commitment.

In 2022, HEMPALTA embarked on a crowdfunding campaign through FrontFundr. Their goal: to raise capital and revolutionize hemp cultivation. The result? An impressive $443,494.05 raised on FrontFundr as part of their $1MM round from 43 passionate investors who believed in their potential.

Fast forward to today. HEMPALTA has secured private placement financing in collaboration with Calgary’s Trail Blazing Ventures. With a strategic move, raising $1.1 million, HEMPALTA has opened an exciting chapter - as of Friday, March 22, 2024, they became a public company trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “HEMP”.

As we celebrate this achievement, we also want to reflect on the key elements that made HEMPALTA's FrontFundr campaign a success.

HEMPALTA’s raise in a snapshot

  • HEMPALTA hit 204% of their $500K target, raising $1M from 48 investors over a 3-month campaign. 
  • By making their campaign TFSA/RRSP-eligible, they had $175K - almost 40% - of total funds come through that channel.
  • With a strong outreach strategy to their community, they succeeded with 60% of investors coming from their home province of Alberta, and 86% were retail or non-accredited.
  • HEMPALTA was featured in numerous articles and media pieces throughout the raise which they showcased in the campaign used in and email updates to their community and those following the campaign.
  • The CEO was involved in the campaign process and held webinars and one-on-one chats throughout the raise to directly connect with investors.

Community engagement to foster trust

Throughout the campaign, HEMPALTA went the extra mile to connect with investors. They held exclusive in-person events, inviting potential investors to tour their facilities alongside the CEO and team. A public link allowed investors to hop on personalized calls with the CEO , and discuss the investment opportunity directly. This personal touch transformed backers into true advocates.

Riding the momentum of media

HEMPALTA’s journey was splashed across headlines. From being nominated in Calgary’s Small Business Awards to being featured in articles in, Techcouver, and the Calgary Herald, they showcased their commitment to innovation. Podcast features as well as press releases amplified their message. 

Highlighting the biggest wins

During the raise, the company did focus on high visibility news to feature as updates during the campaign. Their 30-month sponsorship with the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo, the launch of the hemp-based cat litter “Hempy Cat” with major retailers, and the spotlight on support from two Dragons fueled investor excitement and were highlighted in messaging promoting the campaign.

HEMPALTA achieved success through communicating their progress throughout the campaign, establishing a level of trust and transparency with investors. The excitement they created with the news they highlighted created a foundation that sustained investor confidence throughout the journey.

“Our FrontFundr crowdfunding campaign has been an opportunity to consolidate funding support from key shareholders like Prairie Merchant Corporation and Fullbrook Thorpe Investments as well as welcome a number of retail investors who support HEMPALTA’s mission to better the planet. We’re pleased to add investors like this who look to fund sustainable and planet-friendly AgTech practices.”

- Darren Bondar, CEO of HEMPALTA

HEMPALTA’s journey from crowdfunding success to a listing on the TSX Venture Exchange is a testament to their innovation and commitment to their vision.

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Rea Naidoo