Unlocking authentic engagement and boosting sales: Behind Stay Wyld Organic’s success in raising from almost 500 investors

Rea Naidoo
April 8, 2024
5 min
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Functional mushrooms are something that has been buzzing around the world, picking up in popularity and interest. Stay Wyld Organics is a brand based in Pemberton, BC, pioneering the cultivation of certified organic functional and medicinal mushrooms. With their mission rooted in transparency and quality control, they are on a mission to transform health through sustainable practices.

In 2023, they raised on FrontFundr with the goal of raising $250,000 in investment to launch new products and expand their industry reach geographically, demographically, and into new markets. 

Stay Wyld’s overall campaign focus was on organic growth, storytelling, and genuine engagement highlighting the significance of building relationships rooted in authenticity rather than sheer numbers. As a result, not only did they blow their target out of the water, but they saw a significant increase in revenue from products sold.

Stay Wyld’s raise in a snapshot

  • They hit 316% of their target, raising $791,102 from 487 investors over three 90-day campaigns.
  • A large promotional push in the last two weeks of their first campaign led to 87% of their funds being completed in the final two weeks. 
  • The influencer campaign along with increased ad spend in the second 90 days, led to a 357% increase in page views in one week alone.
  • Stay Wyld Organics had the most successful influencer campaign on FrontFundr with influencers chosen based on their authentic experiences with the brand.
  • A significant majority of investors in Stay Wyld Organics, comprising 83% of the total 487, were retail investors.
  • The campaign had an average investment of $1,627 with 71.5% of investors paying via credit/debit card.

Crafting an authentic and tailored influencer strategy

Stay Wyld's approach was founded on their Wyld Tribe - existing consumers already engaged with their products. Influencers were carefully chosen based on their authentic experiences with Stay Wyld's products, ensuring a genuine connection rather than a mere promotional partnership.

"We've never wanted fake influencers paid to say what they're saying to make a dollar. We wanted genuine people who are actually using the products and feeling the benefits."

  • Chris Brown, CEO and Founder on their approach to influencers

One prominent inclusion to the influencer campaign was a 2x Olympic Gold medalist snowboarder. With over 505,000 followers, Stay Wyld was able to boost their post with ad dollars, amplifying the already wide reach.

Their team was open and ready for questions

The team facilitated multiple Q&A webinars throughout the raise and found there was a strong conversion of those who attended the event and then later invested. They focused their messaging heavily on ensuring investors felt like it really feeling like they were becoming a part of the company. These webinars were also cut up and used as social and email promotions. 

Not only did they see success in their equity crowdfunding campaign, but this success spilled over into sales

While the messaging and calls-to-action were focused on investing, the team saw a rise in bulk sale inquiries and increased sales on their website. Many investors were purchasing products in addition to investing but even those who saw paid ads on social media visited the site and while all may not have invested, there was a high conversion rate for product sales.

“This created a wonderful opportunity for us to not only raise capital but to bring on some new investors - people that really believe in our products and would love to be a part of what we're doing.”
- Chris Brown, CEO and Founder of Stay Wyld Organics

For many companies, equity crowdfunding makes sense as an additional financing model, and one of the most appealing factors is the ability to turn your most loyal customers into your owners and investors, as well as engage with a whole new group of supporters.

To learn more about raising capital on FrontFundr, visit our raise capital page. If you’re ready to reach out to our team, fill out our online application!

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Rea Naidoo