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Key completed its Seed-stage financing round, with great VCs on its cap table, great angel investors, and they continued on to add a great community of investors through FrontFundr. Part of the ethos at Key is to democratize access to homeownership, and to real estate more generally. That ethos meant that democratizing access to the investment side of Key by offering shares on FrontFundr was a natural extention. ”We did raise a good amount through FrontFundr and we’re appreciative of that, but it was about bringing the ability to invest in a Seed-stage private technology company to the masses. We were very pleased with the response. It was great.
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At Key, the team plans to be a massive new category and build a huge platform, sort of the Shopify of residential real estate. They need VCs, VCs that understand how to do that, that are in the market, that give them that credibility, and can do 100M, 200M, 500M financings as they scale from B, C, D, toward an IPO eventually. It was this growth story, the ambition, the scale, the ethos, and the team that could pull it off which drove major investment in this opportunity from the existing FrontFundr community.

FrontFundr made this possible because, “You’ve got a really good platform that is professionally put together, that manages investor relations, manages corporate governance, manages communications,  and manages your shareholder base, where before the thought of taking on 150 shareholders in a spreadsheet was such a daunting task. VCs shouldn’t worry about it, they should actually like it, to go through crowdfunding now you need to go through extreme diligence and extreme governance, and that set us up for success, with the VCs.”

What really worked for Key is that users resonated with their mission to make homeownership affordable. This was reflected in its demographics composition with 44% of investors being aged 20-34. Although media coverage for the campaign was low they did an excellent job of connecting with individuals on their waitlist for home purchases as well as the FrontFundr community.

The FrontFundr equity crowdfunding  accounted for 10% of Key’s eventual Seed round with investment from major VC and angel firms. All of Key’s 173 ECF investors were onboarded using a Voting Trust Agreement (VTA) which allowed the company to reduce these shareholders to a single line on the Cap Table and move voting rights to a single individual.

“I was a venture capatalist for 10 years having co-founded Plaza Ventures. Investment crowdfunding was not an option 5-10 years ago at Seed Stage, whereas now it is, and it’s a strong compliment to VC investment.”

Rob Richards
Chief Executive Officer, Key

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Toro Beverages
“I believe that the people who will support us along this new journey should benefit as we grow and push boundaries. Creating a way for them to play a bigger part was a natural step in my commitment to doing things differently.”
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“Ultimately crowdfunding is just another marketing exercise. You certainly don’t need to be an expert, but you do need to understand the basics. Clear, consistent message, something people understand and can relate to.”
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“Every meeting we had with FrontFundr made me more comfortable. Speaking to a group who understood marketing. Working and seeing that everyone on your side was pro, knew what was going on, made it a lot easier.”
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Key Living
“I was a venture capatalist for 10 years having co-founded Plaza Ventures. Investment crowdfunding was not an option 5-10 years ago at Seed Stage, whereas now it is, and it’s a strong compliment to VC investment.”
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Macaloney Brewers
“Investments in our business start at only $500 and come with a series of awesome beer and whisky themed perks including product discounts, free merchandise, and access to our 3-day brewing and distilling academy.”
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“Listening. Our real super power is our ability to listen to our community and provide them what they are asking for from us.”
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TSS Rovers FC
“Working with FrontFundr was fantastic. It was like adding an entire management division to our team. They supported us in areas we were unfamiliar with allowing us to focus on our strengths and together we built a campaign that would see us reach our objectives and beyond. A true alignment of values and philosophy making for remarkable outcomes. Like we say at our club, Together One.”
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Stay Wyld Organics
“We value content that attaches to people's hearts. It's not just about the numbers; it's about creating meaningful connections. The success of our campaign was due in part to our Wyld Tribe. They'll be with us to the end of this journey.”